Monday, July 19, 2004

New Hope Christian Church (Monroe Co.) - 100 Years Old

[July 2004] The building of New Hope Christian Church, located about six miles north of Aberdeen on Coontail Road, is 100 years old. The congreation will be celebrating this anniversary with some special events over the next few months. Public announcements will be made regarding these events.

The land for the church was donated by Jimmie D. Bryan on November 13, 1903, and the building we know today came to be fully used in 1904 as the Christian Church and as a community center. Building on the article by Mrs. T. K. Howell in the 1970s and a picture of the Bryan Reunion gathering in 1905, we will be collecting as much information as possible about the founding and early days of the church and the construction of the building. The Bryan Reunion was a gathering of the entire Coontail Community, whether a Bryan relative or not.

In addition to Bryan, some other family names associated with the early days of the church are: Green, Hill, Holmes, Adams, Meek, Jones, Jackson, Howell, Blackwell, Chism, Finley, Kidd, Kelly, Bowen, Harris, Morgan, Wamble, Seavy, Stout, Sturdivant, and Sullivan.

We are asking descendants of early church members to share any pictures or other information with us. You may write: New Hope Christian Church, P. O. Box 173, Aberdeen, MS 39730 or call one of the following numbers: (662) 369-2085, (662) 369-8151, or (662) 256-2250. If you would like to receive information about planned events by direct mail, please phone or write and give us your name and address.


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