Saturday, August 14, 2004

Remembering Hurricane Camille

With all eyes on Bonnie and Charley this week, I'm sure a lot of Mississippians recalled Hurricane Camille. Hurricane Camille smashed into the Mississippi Gulf Coast August 17, 1969 and stuck around into the wee hours of the morning. Back in those days, all hurricanes were named after females. I heard an interesting comment yesterday by one of the meteorologists on The Weather Channel. He said that it is interesting that all the more destructive ones since the new naming patterns seem to be male! I thought it might be fun to include a few links of some of the better resources dealing with Hurricane Camille. One of the best is called "Thirty Years After Hurricane Camille: Lessons Learned, Lessons Lost" and is housed at the Center of Science and Technology Policy Research of the University of Colorado. The Maritime Museum also has a page devoted to the hurricane showing pictures of the destruction. Beauvoir (Jefferson Davis home) has a page on its site telling of the damage on those stately grounds. Another site sponsored by a disaster relief organization contains an article written on the 30th anniversary of the storm called "30 Years Later, Camille's Legend Remains Firmly Etched in Gulf Coast Memory." The Harrison County Library System has some tracking maps showing the path of the storm.


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