Monday, September 10, 2007

Mississippi Architectural Landmarks

A top 12 list (at least the headline claims 12; I only count 11):

  1. Longwood Plantation (Natchez)
  2. Windsor Ruins (Port Gibson)
  3. Biloxi Lighthouse (Biloxi)
  4. Dunleith (Natchez)
  5. Beauvoir (Biloxi)
  6. Old Capitol Museum (Jackson)
  7. Woodworth Chapel, Tougaloo College
  8. St. Richard Catholic Church (Jackson)
  9. Mississippi Governor's Mansion (Jackson)
  10. Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church (Madison)
  11. Bailey Magnet High School (Jackson)

Apparently #3 is the Mississippi State Capitol.

Now - why are there no north Mississippi sites in this? Holly Springs, Columbus, Aberdeen, and other North Mississippi towns should feel slighted. It's obvious that the voting was not representative of a statewide perspective.

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