Monday, July 30, 2007

Sherman School Reunion

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 20, 2007. The Sherman School Reunion is being held in the Sherman Library conference room and the day's events will begin at 10:30 AM . Many will remember the small grammar school building which is now the Sherman Library. Lunch is "pot luck" so please bring your favorite dish. Drink and paper products are furnished. Help us make this the best reunion ever by passing the word to anyone you are in contact with that attended Sherman School......former teachers and friends included. For further information please contact Faye Gory Turnbaugh at 931-320-2441 or email her at We look forward to seeing you on October 20th, 2007.

By the way, Lee County MSGenWeb has a great photo of an old baseball team from Sherman thanks to Faye's generosity. (Sherman is actually located in Pontotoc County; however, it's location in a corner of the county bordering both Lee and Union Counties makes it important to folks living in parts of all three counties.)

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