Saturday, September 29, 2007

Errata Issued for Jefferson County Marriage Book

Ann Geogheghan urges everyone who purchased Jefferson County Mississippi Marriages, 1805-1900 to contact her. Apparently the "Mc" section was accidentally omitted in the print publication. That can be problematic in an area with a lot of Scottish roots!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

MS Research Fair

Shawn has posted some info on the Family Research Association of Mississippi's fair which will be held at Hinds Community College's Rankin campus on Nov. 10.


The Cherokee

In the news . . .

A slow, lethal combination of external pressures including warfare, rather than
a lack of natural resources, led to the demise of the Cherokee Indians, two new
studies suggest.

Read the entire article.


Warren County Marriages Available

Ann Geogheghan has completed her seven volume series of marriages on the Old Southwest Territory with the publication of Warren County Mississippi Marriages 1810-1876. It is available for purchase at

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Tuscaloosa County, AL Record Update

Dear Myrtle has an update (and a response to the update) on her blog about the situation mentioned earlier regarding Tuscaloosa County's proposed destruction of original records.

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Adams, Amite, and Wilkinson County Marriages Available

Ann Geogheghan has published Adams County Mississippi Marriages 1799-1900, Amite County Mississippi Marriages 1805-1900, and Wilkinson County Mississippi Marriages 1805-1925. All three volumes are available at

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Claiborne Marriages Published

Ann Geogheghan has published Claiborne County Mississippi Marriages 1816-1900. This is the third volume in a series she is publishing. Earlier volumes for Jefferson and Franklin Counties are also available. All volumes are available for purchase at

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yazoo Museum Now Open

The Yazoo Historical Society has opened a museum in Yazoo City.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mississippi Mormons

Terry Thornton has a discussion of the Mississippi Mormons from Monroe County, Mississippi at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi. Today, Dear Myrtle posted a list of online resources which might be helpful to those researching this group or other Mormon groups from Mississippi.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Copyright Matters

What's on the Internet is not yours for the taking! It's copyrighted. Ask, before you take. Read Terry's article entitled Meum et teum . . . MINE and THINE!


Jefferson & Franklin County Marriages

Ann Geoghegan has just published Jefferson County, Mississippi Marriages, 1805-1900. It is available at Also available at this site is Franklin County, Mississippi Marriages, 1820-1900. You'll find a couple of other Jefferson County resources at the site as well.

Update: See for information on an errata for the Jefferson County book.

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Relocation of Sites

During the near future you may notice that many USGenWeb sites will begin moving off Rootsweb servers. There are many reasons for the move. Among those reasons is that the USGenWeb Project has an identity problem. Many people mistakenly believe that USGenWeb is a part of Rootsweb and/or Ancestry because so many sites are hosted by Rootsweb. While the project has been grateful for the free hosting of its sites, many feel its time to establish a separate identity. While this is not the only reason many sites will be moving, it is perhaps the most important one.

Several MSGenWeb sites have already moved, and others will be moving in the near future. Here are the ones which have moved in the last few days:

Claiborne County -

Jefferson County -

Early Southwest Mississippi Territory (consisting of present-day Adams, Amite, Claiborne, Franklin, Jefferson, and Wilkinson Counties) -

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Forthcoming Book of Civil War Letters

Jennifer W. Ford has edited a volume of letters written by Lt. William Cowper Nelson of Mississippi. It is being released at the end of the month by University of Tennessee Press. It is entitled: The Hour of Our Nation's Agony: The Civil War Letters of Lt. William Cowper Nelson of Mississippi.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Mississippi Architectural Landmarks

A top 12 list (at least the headline claims 12; I only count 11):

  1. Longwood Plantation (Natchez)
  2. Windsor Ruins (Port Gibson)
  3. Biloxi Lighthouse (Biloxi)
  4. Dunleith (Natchez)
  5. Beauvoir (Biloxi)
  6. Old Capitol Museum (Jackson)
  7. Woodworth Chapel, Tougaloo College
  8. St. Richard Catholic Church (Jackson)
  9. Mississippi Governor's Mansion (Jackson)
  10. Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church (Madison)
  11. Bailey Magnet High School (Jackson)

Apparently #3 is the Mississippi State Capitol.

Now - why are there no north Mississippi sites in this? Holly Springs, Columbus, Aberdeen, and other North Mississippi towns should feel slighted. It's obvious that the voting was not representative of a statewide perspective.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Farmington in Alcorn County is either 10 years old or was founded in 1838.

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Bottling the Real Thing

. . . in Corinth for 100 years.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Itawamba Historical Society Program - September 18

Itawamba Historical Society has announced its September 18 program on the society's blog. Buddy Palmer will be speaking about the Battle of Ackia, a fascinating chapter out of the life of the area back when the area was occupied by the Chickasaw. The society also included a summary of the battle on the blog entry.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Did Your Ancestor Move to Detroit During the Civil Rights Era?

If so, you might be interested in a new digital archive from Marygrove College which has recorded the stories of some of those who moved from the South to Detroit to escape the Jim Crow laws and discrimination.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Northeast Monroe County Plat Map

Robin Linn has produced a wonderful plat map of northeastern Monroe County [PDF].

Update 9/7: I fixed the link.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Cummings/Ratliff Reunion

The Cummings/Ratliff reunion is planned for September 29, 2007. Descendants of Tamsie Mitchell Cummings and Walter C. Cummings (and allied lines). Bring your old pictures!

The get together is at the Ratliff Community center, Ratliff, Mississippi. Come before lunch and bring your favorite dish. There's always lots of food and lots of good company. Our cousin, Walt Grayson, of Mississippi Roads television program will be there, and he is a barrel of laughs. For further information, see the Itawamba Reunion page.


2006 Mississippi Population Estimates

. . . for the top 10 populous counties in the state. Here is the data for counties/parishes in all 50 states in Excel or comma-delimited format.

Mississippi - by Rank

  1. Hinds County
  2. Harrison County
  3. DeSoto County
  4. Rankin County
  5. Jackson County
  6. Madison County
  7. Lee County
  8. Lauderdale County
  9. Forrest County
  10. Jones County
  11. Lowndes County
  12. Washington County
  13. Pearl River County
  14. Warren County
  15. Lamar County
  16. Oktibbeha County
  17. Lafayette County
  18. Hancock County
  19. Pike County
  20. Bolivar County
  21. Monroe County
  22. Marshall County
  23. Leflore County
  24. Alcorn County
  25. Panola County
  26. Lincoln County
  27. Adams County
  28. Sunflower County
  29. Neshoba County
  30. Copiah County
  31. Pontotoc County
  32. Scott County
  33. Coahoma County
  34. Simpson County
  35. Yazoo County
  36. Union County
  37. Tate County
  38. Marion County
  39. Prentiss County
  40. Itawamba County
  41. Grenada County
  42. Leake County
  43. Newton County
  44. George County
  45. Tippah County
  46. Clay County
  47. Wayne County
  48. Holmes County
  49. Covington County
  50. Winston County
  51. Attala County
  52. Tishomingo County
  53. Chickasaw County
  54. Jasper County
  55. Clarke County
  56. Smith County
  57. Stone County
  58. Walthall County
  59. Calhoun County
  60. Tallahatchie County
  61. Amite County
  62. Lawrence County
  63. Yalobusha County
  64. Jefferson Davis County
  65. Greene County
  66. Perry County
  67. Noxubee County
  68. Montgomery County
  69. Claiborne County
  70. Tunica County
  71. Humphreys County
  72. Carroll County
  73. Wilkinson County
  74. Kemper County
  75. Webster County
  76. Choctaw County
  77. Quitman County
  78. Jefferson County
  79. Franklin County
  80. Benton County
  81. Sharkey County
  82. Issaquena County


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Katrina Oral Histories

Susan over at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools has a roundup of Hurricane Katrina Oral Histories.

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End of Saga claims the removal of the Internet Biographical Collection is permanent. They've apologized to Janice for stealing from her blog. It's time to move on to other topics. They will be there with some great materials for researchers willing to pay the price. They have competition which will hopefully also continue to bring new resources to researchers. I just hope that none of them will again "lift data" and repackage it. I have no objection to search engines which link to the original data, but copying the data without permission is another matter entirely. I applaud's decision to permanently remove the collection.

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