Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Creek

I just returned from a trip to Mississippi. On Tuesday's Mornin' Show on WTVA, they featured the town of Big Creek in a series on Ghost Towns in North Mississippi. Big Creek is located in Calhoun County, about 5 miles west of Calhoun City. They had rebuilt the town based on an old postcard. An account of that can be found in an article that appeared in Mississippi Farm Bureau's magazine in September 2001.. That afternoon, I loaded my parents in the car, and we took off to see the little town that looked so interesting.

The east side of the rebuilt town.

The west side of the rebuilt town.

They are presently trying to get the old wheel at the mill in working order.
Old gas pumps.
The Pullen Family Cabin. It is located a little over a mile north of the town.

Presently the old general store is open. A lady who was making some wonderful-looking caramel cakes is running a bakery out of it. She also has some cold drinks available for thirsty travelers. There were a few small cans of stuff on one shelf. She indicated that more stuff was on order. If you want to order one of those caramel cakes, you apparently have to place the order for them ahead of time as she had already sold all the ones on that date and had her orders lined up for the next day as well. I personally think she needs to stock some of the old timey drinks like Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer, Grape Nehi, Peach Nehi, Nugrape, Root Beer, etc.

Also open is a steak house which is open only on the weekends. The steak house apparently draws a lot of traffic from many outlying areas.

I'd love to see this little town revitalized. It has so much potential to be Mississippi's equivalent of a Mast General Store, a Rabbit Hash, or some other quaint little place.

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