Tuesday, July 31, 2007


You just never know where you will find something truly interesting. There's a little town in Chickasaw County which has a most unusual name of Trebloc. I had always just assumed it was probably one of the towns with a name of Indian origin. As I was reading through some obituaries in a notebook at Evans Memorial Library in Aberdeen the other day, I came across an account of how the town got its name. The obituary was that of Clarence Earl "Newt" Colbert and was taken from the Commercial Appeal probably sometime in the 1970s. It had likely been reprinted in either the Aberdeen Examiner or Amory Advertiser at the time. Clarence was the son of J. M. Colbert. According to Newt's widow, J. M. Colbert . . .

applied to the government for a post office in the late 1800s. The government asked Colbert to suggest a short name for the community, and he picked "May," the nickname of his only daughter.

But for an unknown reason, the postal department crossed the name off the form and substituted Trebloc--Colbert spelled backward.

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